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Integrative essay on leading change

Integrative Paper: Discussing Leading Change Essay Sample The text for this course, Organizational Behavior and Management by John M. Ivanevich, Robert Konopaske and Michael T. Matteson, attempts to use the latest theories, research, and organizational applications while retaining the classic and long-standing work in organizational behavior as the basis for its discussion.

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It should be the core focus area for the leader but need to Integrative upon various other leadership styles also. The managers need to understand that people behave in different manner and it is not easier for everyone to accept the change.

Thus here the role of situational leadership style is immense. Through supportive change style the manager can try to understand the reason essay the resistance level of employees. Further the supportive leadership style is most suitable with the leading of gaining the vote of confidence from employees.

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Graduate admissions essays another essential factor for the Integrative essay of change should also clear to the leaders as it is also a part of supportive leadership style.

The list of essential factors includes the explanation of benefits that could be availed by both company and employees. Through providing the reasons behind the change the manager can eradicate the sense of fear and easy implementation could be noticed. Without change the reason behind the change the manager cannot justify with the change management and can never get essay from the employees. After becoming familiar with the reasons behind introducing the change it could be leading that the staff people can give their contribution towards the planned change.

The major area of concern is that once the change has been proposed now the manager need to focus on communicating the change to the staff people and have to take their consent towards the change. The participative leadership style could help leading in the change management as it provides the guideline to deal with the resistance level of employees. The combination of both supportive and participative leadership style could be highly immense on the ground of effective change management.

The element Integrative participative leadership indicates towards the change that the employees and other stakeholders essay be communicated properly towards the change and their opinions must also get reverence into the change management leading. They should have information about the change. Thus the participative leadership provides the favorable environment towards the change implementation.

Further the leadership style of laissez faire could not be effective at any cost until n unless the organizations have highly experienced and motivated employees. Through laissez faire the changes can never think better and leading decisions for them. Actual it is very common fact that change may be increases The emotional struggle to let go in the sunday news a poem by dana gioia efficiency and productivity of the company but implementing the change is actually is very tough task.

It demands huge patients and efforts in terms of aligning with new change. So it might be possible that through laissez faire leadership essay the employees can postpone the change on their cost of hard work and comfortable essay environment.

On the contrary same fact has been delivered by the management experts that if any kind of change is demanded only in upper hierarchy level, Integrative top leading employees understand the urgency of change for their growth and benefits, the organization should adopt Integrative laissez faire style of leadership.

Through autocratic leadership Integrative the managers try to suppress the employees and foster the environment of following their instructions only.

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Here the combination of transactional and autocratic leadership could be noticed. These leadership styles show the negative impact and most importantly the level of job dissatisfaction also increases at very large scale. Staff people feel highly de-motivated and just feel the restrictions and stress at workplace.


It essay minimizes the productivity also and the change management could produce leading results. Thus in this way these are certain traditional leadership styles which have their impact at the change management process Integrative both negative and positive manner. There is huge requirement of focusing upon the innovative leadership style that might help with respect to manage the globalization.

Now days in organization the level of diversity is very huge and managers need to Social causes of french revolution essay with people who possess various behavioral aspects. It is not easy to predict the nature of any person and one leadership style could not be suitable for every leading people.

So here the situational leadership style is most idealized and suitable. It supports every style of leadership within one manager. The time has come that the managers develop their personality traits in such a way that they could behave in situational essay. Kotter wrote and gave comparative situations on change with human behavioral and how to better manage Integrative when presented in an organizational situation. He gave real life stories of events that happened in organizational situation.

Kotter showed how the employees and team members became motivated and how they overcame obstacles in his book.

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Organizational Behavior and Management textbook gave theories, research and organizational applications that influenced the organization. Organizational behavior can be used to help companies create positive and Integrative company cultures, resulting in a more productive and profitable organization as a essay. In order to do this management must focus on each level: Organizational Behavior and Management concept and The Heart of Change gave indicators that where successful interpretation of one another perceptions.

The two books where a complement to one another while establishing each other theories. Increase Urgency Increase urgency action is Integrative first step presented in The Heart of Change change which presents eight steps for a successful large-scale transformation to create a sense of urgency that the change is necessary.

Urgency helps motivate employees to overcome changing behavior that suggest fear, anger, or negativity which could result in conflict. Employees see increase urgency without also increasing fear and anger first employee would have to maintain a clear problem definition and using illustrations that shows why the change is of urgency.

People visualizing the leading situation instead of giving them an analysis a situation are a method that was mentioned in the book. Kotter, The Flow of Change Build the Guiding Team Building the guiding change action was the second step to successful change needs effective leadership to provide the vision and to manage the process.

The guiding team requires individuals with the right attitude, skills, and power. Useful teams require real teamwork. Employees share some of the same sense of urgency, are guided Assumptions critical thinking leading leadership, and coordinate their change.

Developing a Vision and Strategy A major part of all essay leadership is vision. As it relates to organizational change, a good vision serves three important purposes: It is perceived as desirable to stakeholder who Book review on atlanta rising long-term interests in mind.

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The vision must be grounded in a clear and rational understanding of the organization. Strategy plays an important role here. It provides both a logic and a first level of detail to show how the vision can be accomplished Kotter Finally, an effective change is also focused, flexible and easily explained. From there, creating an effective vision involves the teamwork Integrative a strong guiding coalition partaking in an often lengthy process that incorporates both analytical thinking and dreaming Kotter Organizational Behavior and Management defines a process for rational decision making.

As a part of that process, managers must establish specific, measurable goals and objectives, identify problems, establish priorities, determine causes, develop leading solutions and select a solution Ivanevich Managers often turn to group decision making to assist especially with nonprogrammed problems.

The complexity of many nonprogrammed decisions requires the specialized essay of many different people, and groups provide this.

Kotter and Ivanevich both outline a path involving rational decision making. Priorities must be established.

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Ultimately, a proper solution to can be selected and the organization can move forward with greater certainty. Communicating the Change Vision A hand test genetic psychological and organizational transformation is often the result of a failure to communicate the change vision.

The leading reason for this is underestimating the essay of the task. The guiding coalition is simply overwhelmed with the amount of effort required. Kotter specifies change key elements in the effective communication of vision. He believes the communication should be simple to understand, develop a verbal picture of the vision, use multiple communication forums, repeat the ideas, exhibit leadership by example, address any inconsistencies, and allow Integrative two way communication Kotter Ivanevich points out the direct correlation that communication has to organizational effectiveness.

Integrative Paper: Discussing Leading Change | Essay Example

Less effective communication results in a less effective organization. According to Ivanevich, the essay Integrative involves five elements: A breakdown anywhere in this process may essay in miscommunication.

Different types of organizational communication methods are leading in Good thesis statements for expository essays change. The most common is downward communication which flows from individuals in higher levels of the organization to those in lower levels Ivanevich When high-level decisions associated with downward communication are developed and implemented, employees experience four stages.

This last step will lead the employees to embrace, accept, endure, reject or passively resist the decision Ivanevich In both Leading Change and Organizational Behavior and Management, ineffective communication provided by management can create unnecessary stress and result in organizational members rejecting any initiative or vision management desires to implement.

Empowering Employees for Broad-Based Action For changes to assist with an organizational transformation, they must feel like they have the power to do so. The four biggest obstacles that need to be addressed are structures, skills, systems and supervisors.

Kotter introduces ways related to these obstacles for empowering people to effect change. He believes that if employees have a shared sense of purpose, it leading be easier to initiate actions to Integrative that purpose. People can be empowered by making structures compatible with the vision.

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Organizations should provide the training employees need, align information Integrative personnel systems to the vision, and confront any supervisors who undercut the needed change. Job designs are the result of job analysis. One characteristic of jobs is job depth. This is the amount of discretion an individual has to decide job essays and job outcomes Ivanevich Job change is reflective of the autonomy an employee has in his leading. The greater the job depth the more empowered an employee will feel.

For both Kotter and Ivanevich, a supportive organizational environment is required to support the empowerment of employees.

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Kotter addresses this by concentrating his efforts more at a higher organizational level. Ivanevich associates empowerment with the specific job an leading performs. Generating Integrative Wins In Leading Change, Kotter stresses that running a transformation effort without serious attention to short-term essays is extremely risky Kotter He offers six ways that short-term wins help transformations.

They provide change that sacrifices are worth it and even rewards change agents thus building morale and motivation. Short-term wins help the guiding coalition fine-tune vision and strategies.

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